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Name:the GazettE fanfic
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fanfic about the GazettE members
This is a community by fans and for fans of the Japanese Visual Kei band the GazettE. A community for fanfic and fanart, focusing on the members of the band.

If you like them, welcome! Come join the party!

Please note: The content of this community is all fictional and make-believe! No one here, neither admins nor posters, have anything to do with the real people in the band.


We have a few simple rules here, and if you follow them, we'll all be good friends:

1. No nastiness. Be nice to each other. We can disagree on things without attacking each other as persons. If a story or piece of art isn't to your liking, refrain from being nasty. Critique is fine, but try to keep it constructive. "This is bad" doesn't help anyone do better next time. I know common courtesy isn't as common as one would like, but please, be good to each other and the comm will be more welcoming to us all. Like the Gazeboys have said, it's just a matter of not fighting! It should be easy to do, just don't do it! :D

2. Both fanfic and fanart are welcome here. Just use proper headers, please:

Title: The title of the piece.
Author/Artist: Your name, obviously.
Rating: You can use any rating system you'd like, as long as it's clear that mature/adult/NC-17 content is identifiable as such.
Content: Here is where you can put things you'd either like to advertise that are in your piece, or warn about. Rape, non-con, cutting, suicide, high school AU, mental disorders, and character death *has* to be warned for!
Summary: Please put a summary in your headers so that people know what your story is about (for art, this is optional).
Disclaimer: We all know you don't own the GazettE members and that your piece isn't the truth, but it's still nice to add a disclaimer.
Notes: Optional space for your comments, to tell us who your beta-reader was, anything else you think the reader should know, etc.

3. Absolutely no plagiarising! If you're caught plagiarising, your post will be deleted and your posting ability revoked.

4. Please use a beta-reader for your fic. We all like to read stories with proper grammar and spelling. It's okay if English isn't your first language, but at least don't just put your story through Google Translate and then post. Ask someone to look it over for you first.

5. No photos or scans or discussion posts here, please. Head on over to our sister-community [community profile] gazette_fans to post that. :)

6. Have fun!

Interests (60):

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